While my outfit looks like it’s been a tricolor ice cream inspo, it actually was not at all Ha☺


ICE CREAM sounds so good right about now, Hey don’t blame me I reside in Arizona!

The struggle is real this month is like I wake up shivering and dress like I am going to the North Pole. Mid day I am taking all layers of clothes off because I am HOT! That’s why dresses, stockings,  and my boots are the way to go to start ending my fall. Our winter solstice will be December 22nd this year see how true this will be. Global warming is real guys.

Here’s my under $20 outfit perfect for this Fall/Winter casual dinners since that’s all we do.☺side1After reviewing my pictures all I thought was I look like a Neapolitan ice cream well kind of sort of. Ok no ! lol. The most simplest dress with a Classy coat will save you from uncomfortable pants oh don’t forget ladies to get a pair of good good freaking spankx Those mommas out there know what I am talking about Ha! A dress with no spankx after becoming a mum makes me feel like I am all over the place haha…Real stuff no joke!CONTRAST is life for me matching is cool, but having contrast makes you stand out FOR sure and forever remember like… Oh the girl in the pink stockings 😉 know what I mean?

I am a rookie at this but I will give you the cherry on top by that I mean the deets;)

Jacket: Ellen Tracy but from Goodwill on a sale day never forget they have a 20% coupon every month too 😉

Dress: Daisy Fuentes and not from kohl’s I actually got it from Fallas Paredes which is a retail store by Factory 2u here in Phoenix it was $5.99 DEAL!

Boots and Stockings: Charlotte Russe they always have sales!

Purse & watch : Micheal Kors it was a gift thank you Sista♥

ice-cream-png-24XO, Dareli♥



Ceviche Costeño…

                                    lime (2).jpg









TATEMAS 4-5 chiles (de arbol seco)    Ya que este bien curtido el camaron, le hechas el chile lo mueles con la mano revuelves hasta que este todo incorporado.
Picas el pepino & cilantro  se lo hechas al final.

Le agregas mas sal al fin si gustas por lo regular parto el aguacate aparte.



Alerta: Siempre y cuando sea possible procura comprar marisco fresco y de Bahia.

El de cultivo no tiene nada de nutritivo inlcuso contiene antibitiocos, pesticidas, y otros quimicos que son toxicos para tu consumo!

Incluso hay reportes que tienen base científica que pueden causer cancer, problemas nuerologicos, reacción alérgicas y entre ambas infecciones.

Asi que ojo con el consumo de marisco:)







  1. the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively:
    “20th century popular culture”

    synonyms: the arts · the humanities · intellectual achievement ·

    literature · music · painting · philosophy · the performing arts
  2. biology
    the cultivation of bacteria, tissue cells, etc., in an artificial medium containing nutrients:
    “the cells proliferate readily in culture”
    • a preparation of cells obtained from a culture:
      “the bacterium was isolated in two blood cultures”
    • the cultivation of plants:
      “this variety of lettuce is popular for its ease of culture”

      synonyms:cultivation · farming · agriculture · husbandry ·




maintain (tissue cells, bacteria, etc.) in conditions suitable for growth.
While Google’s definition is up there here is an image of my diversity with culture and sense of fashion!
I love #jean everything, but this outfit totally made me feel a piece of every country deep in my heart!♥
You can create a great cultural OOTD with gifts and thrift finds
-SHIRT was Ross copped
-SHORTS savers even though they’re pretty modern can be found at target!
-BELT goodwill find
-SHOES were hand crafted foreign for sure, unfortunately good ol’goodwill found with no tag!wahhh

-NECKLACE was hand crafted in Venezuela by Miss Carla whom will be on my IG, click on her name to go to her instagram page.

It’s a gold plated Mexico map that represents the country I was born in.

-BAG crafted in Guatemala brought back as a souvenir ain’t that awesome! guateverr!

looking downI am a sucker for art, so a mural will drop my jaw to the ground♥
I am highly spiritual but am not religious enough to say I am virgin Mary devoted.   I was born and baptized catholic although church every Sunday didn’t happen in my household, but she holds parts of my leap of faith. The cross means so many meanings to a lot of people but some how I believe it’s a symbol of masculine uniting with feminine. Forming a union with four sides that’s representing elements like
fire, earth, water, and air that’s a small piece on what stands behind me in this photo. In my own little mind of wander and small research on my spiritual awakening.


Walks down GRANT AVE in Central Phoenix makes my heart melt and reminisce childhood city bus catching. S

In my style I stand some where between a fashionista and a hippie that honors, all things around me and all sources that are used for me to wear and walk with all my swag gracefully♥

Xo Darely♥



I know a lot of people aren’t big fans of rash guards but let me break this down, The reasons why I chose rash guards for my little ones and I.

  1. Sun protection
  2. Warmth
  3. Rash prevention
  4. comfort
  5. STYLE

Arizona living I try to be stylish all year long, I do really consider protecting our skin while doing so.

I  love my old high waist two piece bikini but this year I packed some gains that I am working on;)

and this #RASHGUARD just fell from above for me I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


This post was supposed to be published on Monday in honor of our first day of Summer. I’ve had a rough busy week, not to mention this heat AZ makes me feel like summer started in March ahh!



We stay in the water trying to stay cool in this triple digit weather. Like I mention sun protection first for my little ones and I. Yes vitamin D and all but extended exposure to the sun can be dangerous. UVA UVB UVC is many rays to be over exposed please, consider protecting your skin. I understand there’s way many cute spaghetti two pieces but alternate with a rash guard. We own cute swim suits we still use while swimming in shade or shady splash pads etc.

I hope you enjoy a bit of our knowledge on sun exposure while staying in style this summer.

May you all have a radiant summer with rays of sunshine, who doesn’t love some naturally Vitamin D  straight from the source anyway! moderately speaking ha! Xo-darely♥



F L A S H B A C K to childhood do these lines look familiar?


ring a bell…..Maruchan_Inc_LogoI was built on these only kidding, my mom super traditional Mexican mom food was done by the time I was home from school. As a wild child I some how loved these so much, now as an adult think back and just say Yuck! remember the whole OMG! those are sooooo bad for you time. Well it was an eye opener for me never consume these again. No lie still got these after knowing they were that bad for me. Bad girl I know I have a hard time breaking bad habits. Well let me get on my high horse and show off that I free styled a cleaner version of men I mean ramen! ha…Non GMO millet & rice based noodles are my new besties! With only a few ingredients you will satisfy your cravings


  1. 1 chicken breast
  2. sea salt
  3. ground black pepper
  4. oregano
  5. half an onion
  6. garlic clove
  7. 3 cups of water

For the first part which you’ll be boiling chicken and using that broth for your noodles, so DON’T throw your broth away!

FIRST: You will put the three cups of water at medium heat in a big pot add your chicken breast. Half an onion, garlic clove, Add 1 tbs of salt, Add 1/2 tbs of ground pepper, Add a pinch of oregano, Let chicken cook 20-25 minutes until boil and it’s tender.

Drain in a colander make sure to save your chicken broth, Shred or chop in squares will leave that up to you.



  1. 2 carrots
  2. a handful of green beans
  3. 1 1/2 of water

Prep your veggie Mix I only use  fresh carrots and green beans  I slice in tiny squares in a small pot I add the 1 1/2 of water at med-high heat I add the chopped veggies boil for about 20 minutes till soften.

Alert if you are vegan you can use your veggies broth and it tastes just as great!

Once you have that down the noodles are super easy to cook, I use the rice noodles from lotus foods. I am sure you can find them at your local sprouts haven’t seen them much. I do get mine from Costco.

Rice-Ramen-image Instructions are on the back I do batch per batch I haven’t done a big portion all at once.    Add one ramen cake to 2 cups of boiling water when noodles start to unfold (about 1 minute) separate gently with a fork. Reduce heat to low boil continue to cook for 3 minutes or just until soften. Drain in colander then rinse with cold water




  1. 1 tbs powder curry
  2. pinch of ground back pepper
  3. 1 chicken broth

In a small pot your going to add 1 cup of your chicken broth add your curry, the pepper at med-high heat till boil.

Your choice of bowl or mason jar, you’re going to put the noodles, veggies and broth together.

Squeeze as much lime as you like I love mine with extra lime, if I have already made tomato sauce I add a bit just to add a different flavor (totally optional).

marubowl.png There you go perfect lunch you can meal prep this and not worry about crazy additives, gmo’s, and it’s gluten free!! Enjoy☺





As trends bend and end, I will forever have a passion for fashion. I love unique styles. from a classic vintage to a modern target outfit. I am a mother, I do believe through the years my wardrobe has changed a bit. Not that age or being a mum matters, it’s a personal preference to have more comfort vs. just looking cute. Although I believe you can be comfortable and looking cute at the same time. Impress the dress by being you and dressing your mood. Wear what feels good, is the best thing I heard a friend say & damn right I abide by that! I will be posting my favorite tips to give you ideas how to get more style out of your bucks. Clothes, accessories, shoes can be pricey! Bargain, thrifting, is the best thing ever! Not only you’re recycling but you’re also saving money and who doesn’t like saving money and saving resources? Traveling back to fashion as a good ol’ friend of mine said. Who is in heaven fiercing it up with the Angels R.I.P bubba.

heels.pngNeutralizing is my favorite thing ever, owning a pair of nude heels is a must. They go with everything styling them up with jeans to a casual look. I love to contrast vs. matchy matchy then again depends the mood. If I truly feel blue will go all blue. HA! There’s no in between. This set of pastels are my favorite all year round, even though they resemblance spring I make it work. I love pastel colors so much, I make it work even in the fall. That’s me being stubborn with my favorite colors!




Hmm most people think life style is a lavish, luxurious, living way. It really can be translated in many forms. Even though it can be misinterpreted in many ways it can also be freaking simple!!! I will always start mine with a peace of mind, taking care of my well being is a lifestyle. I feed my mind, body and soul.

calmness (2)yoga bw                                Embracing who I truly am, embracing my whole being, embracing where I come from.   I’ve strived for the best, silencing the mind. Taking care of my body, The best responsible way possible. You are what you eat, be selective and not cheap! A healthy lifestyle is my way of loving myself! I know it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible to be still. Enjoying this present moment. In the end it’s the essence of life having you presence in full effect. Positive thinking, the feeling of gratitude, being compassionate are the three best things I do on a daily basis. I have the craziest personality, I have to find that balance before I am in wonderland with Alice. ha! I have changed my eating habbits completely that I can say a healthy lifestyle is not easy but it is worth the transition. No! I am not on a diet, No I don’t just do salads to be on the lighter side. Salads are good but I love the real deal, real food! The power of plants is powerful, I understand. But let me tell you Paleo was the best thing I have ever came across in my life. That covers my delious meals since I was a child. I feel as our DNA has been modified so much. We need the meats the proteins and the beets! I can cover my opinion  on animal cruelty later, because plants are a part of life as well. I find my balance in the middle respecting every vegan at Namaste, and hoping I get the same respect for my eating choices. We all have a choice we are all in this together. This thing called LIFE having style that fits your needs! xo-Darely♥asume


WOOOOO! BIG WORD, BIG DEFINITION, BIG MESS! But the LOVE comes in abundance! I love being a mum, No it’s not easy! Yes it’s worth the messy house, headaches, dirty mirrors. I became a young mum in 2011, My world changed completely  for the better.

While having no instructions, I was faced with the fear of failing motherhood. Little did I know I was rocking it, in my own way of course. Parenting is a personal experience in my opinion. We all adjust to what fits our life and meets our needs. Learning hands on through the journey, I felt so confident I went for baby number #2 at the end of 2013. My parenting attachment grew enormously, I love the connection between us. They make me feel at peace and make my heart smile.rock1This picture is the reminder and my moto to keep rockin at this parenting madness! He truly is a mini me in his own little personality. He loves unicorns, purple, and rainbows! His soul is shinning, he truly inspires me to keep pushing forward despite what others think. He can be himself, because my job is to teach him self-love and that being yourself in this world, is the best! He is only human has his days, we’re not perfect and he tells me all the time. “mum not everything has to be perfect ” ah! I love him! That made my OCD just vanish from my life. ha! Axcel Alexander is awesome! Xo-mum

tori2My second born is my sassy little diva, She’s fierce like mommy loves pink, glitter, and tutus! She has her little attitude of my way or the high way. Has not only daddy but everyone in our family wrapped around her finger. She knows how to take deep breathes because like I previously mentioned she is like mommy! lol This is our reminder of stop and smell the flowers…She has proved that I have more patience then I ever imagined. She watches every little thing I do, and she wants to be just like me. You’re amazing Victoria Valentia♥