Back when…..

I was introduced to the blogosphere back in 2011. Always late I know ha! I was obsessed with bloggers, following many getting inspired in so many ways. Starting to digg all the digital world at that time. While at a 9-5, being a mom, trying to balance it all at it’s best. I had drastic changes then from job position, housing, to spiritual growth. I always had a dream to have my own blog one day. I love writing, expressing, creating I never thought it would take me this long, to let go of the fear of failing at it. I believe we were all created with a purpose  to travel this universe, in our own creativity. Creating positive influence especially on our children. To see a brighter future, going back to basics while adapting to our digital era. But never ever forgetting where we come from! My goal as a digital influencer is to be as positive as I can to live a responsible lifestyle. Conscious about our well being, health, planet, and future generations.

52S (2)

A little about me on a personal level, I feel like my life is a dream come true! Married, mother of two, managing the madness of adulthood while living a young, wild & free life. Being married is a form of unity that feels great having the support of masculine energy. Always meeting you at your feminine energy, makes the perfect balance to merge both and realizing we are ONE☼ with that said. Let’s make this loud and clear I was baby mama before I was wifey. ha! Never say never because destiny will be like yea, told you so! I may not have a total Cinderella story here, And I am totally ok with that. I love the way I’ve developed my mother instinct right away. In addition to all that, I was a young mum.   I am very proud of my effort and the woman I have become, because of my children. They just colored my world the day I met them. Their spirit runs wild, their soul is shinning like twinkle twinkle little stars. Now I can’t imagine a life with no children, no imagination, no innocence. I feel as if god sent me here to be a cool mum! ha…No really I love it!  THANKS to my awesome husband and wine for keeping me sane through it all, all mommies need to take care of themesleves to be even more awesome! So baby daddies take notes and give mommy a break! I can go on and on about my children, let’s just say my heart smiles when I talk about them. I am so excited to be sharing many cool things with y’all thanks for the support and following along my journey!-xo Darely   mther